How Does EMDR Therapy Work

Going through trauma of any nature is not easy. You feel at a loss, and a lot of your progress in life is put on hold. Fortunately, there is a way to get back to your old self. EMDR therapy can help you get back on track. But, you may wonder how does EMDR therapy work?

How Does EMDR Therapy Work

There are various reasons to see a therapist. One main reason is the effectiveness of physiotherapy. This post will take a look at the therapy technique of EMDR and how it works.

How Trauma Manifests Itself Through Neural Networks 

We pick new behaviors and experiences throughout our lifespan. A neural network is created for each new experience or behav


ior you pick. When you keep repeating the same thing over time, the neural system becomes strong. Therefore, it becomes easy for signals to move smoothly.

How Does EMDR Therapy Work

An excellent example of how your body system picks on new behaviors is like when you learn how to ride. At first, you will find it difficult. After a few falls and days of relentless practice, you will become a natural rider.

When you go through trauma, the same coding system is used to register the experience to your brain. How long or intense the trauma was will affect how long it will take you to recover fully. Intense and prolonged traumatic episodes tend to have a longer impact on the rest of your life. When the bad memories build inside your brain, they do not allow new positive memories. That is why it is not always easy to beat trauma. Luckily, there are different types of therapy available to help treat trauma. 

How EMDR therapy works

Now that you know how trauma manifests itself, it is about time to understand how to face it with EMDR therapy. This therapy works by opening up the compartments of the bad memories and allowing integration with new positive thoughts. It does this by accessing the neural networks of the past experiences. 

The first stage involves building resources to counter the bad memories. The secret here is to strengthen positivity in feelings, emotions, and cognition abilities. The overall objective is to bring feelings of safety, peace, and self-worth. 

The next stage is the desensitization phase. It is the most critical stage towards your recovery. It uses a double-pronged approach of creating awareness to current experiences and past experiences. The intertwining of these two spheres of thoughts creates a harmonious transition into accepting the past and embracing what is happening presently. 

How Does EMDR Therapy Work

Benefits of EMDR

  • It uses bilateral eye movements that accurately mimic REM sleep. This allows communication between the brain’s left and right hemispheres. 
  • DAS support working memory. This is effective in interrupting negative thoughts from the past.
  • DAS helps to stimulate new and positive thoughts. It helps to boost new thoughts and integrate them into the old bad memories. Such is a mechanism that efficiently helps fight the trauma. 

It is not easy to fight trauma. It takes a lot of dedication and support to come out of a bad past experience. Therefore, there are many benefits to seeing a therapist. We hope to answer the question: how does EMDR therapy work can be a turnaround to a positive life. 

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