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Scottsdale, Arizona
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Anything worthwhile that you achieve takes time and commitment. All of your accomplishments have been the result of your determination to be better, to do more, to live stronger. You had nothing handed to you. You’ve had to work for what you have, and you’ve reaped the benefits of who you’ve become as a result. You’ve built character and gained life experience. You’ve had good times and bad. You’ve suffered losses and experienced great gains. Whatever you’ve done, you’ve endured. What hasn’t killed you has made you stronger.

We at AHC believe in your strength. We believe in your ability to get out of the junk that is holding you back and keeping you limited from experiencing more in your life. We believe that people need more than just symptom relief from their problems. People desperately need proof that they are bigger than their problems, that they can overcome them. We believe that everyone desires massive positive change while being supported during that change.

Have you noticed how much the world is suffering? People are running from their pain through prescription medication, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders. Do you feel something burning within that wants to take a stand against all your own personal junk and say, “Enough is enough! There has to be more to life than this."

The good news is, you are not your pain. You are not your issues. (Some people actually believe that their pain is a part of their personality - it's not.) You are not your past junk. You are not a victim. You are a strong person waiting to realize more of your own strength and potential to BE more and to DO more of what you came here to be and do. You want to do bigger things with your life and experience more freedom.

Did you know that a recent study showed that a majority of elderly people on their death beds most consistently wished for one thing more than anything else? They wished that they had lived more and experienced more out of life. But they chose not to, due to fears, self-imposed limitations, the need for incessant security and complacent comforts. What does that tell you? Your fear can help you to create all the false senses to feel safe enough to get by, but only your courage can help you to make choices to experience more out of life. And if you're complacent AND have little or no courage, you're very unlikely to live life fully. You've settled for less than you deserve.

With our hypnotherapy specialists, and experts, you will face bad habits & complex issues with confidence

Who then, is stopping you from living life, other than yourself?

We at Arizona Hypnotherapy Clinic'sare much more than a one-stop hypnosis shop. If you want mere symptom relief, look elsewhere. If you want to stop a bad habit, we can refer you out. If you want cosmetic change without addressing the root causes, sayonara my friend. If you want a quick fix, please return to your next Google search. There are plenty of hypnosis shops that will claim to offer those quick fixes. But you deserve more ... much more. You deserve transformation. You deserve real change.

Your emotional freedom is our goal. But the only way past self-limitation is through it, not around it. You can't keep tip-toeing around your pain and issues and expect a bright future. You can't attract a great relationship while silently hating your past partners. ou can't love other people when you are empty and drowning, yourself.

You can't live in conflict with yourself and expect good things to happen.

Can you feel the inauthenticity of that? Have you had enough of your own victimhood and self-sabotage? Are you ready to release the junk and face yourself?

At AHC, we will stand by your side. We will go at your pace. We will love you when you need love. We will kick your ass when you need your ass kicked. We will commit to working with you if you are ready to be accountable to your change. Don't look for us to change you. Only you can change you, but we'll help. This all starts with your willingness to take responsibility for your change. You are ripe for change when you have said, Enough! There must be more to life than this. If I had it all figured out, I'd be happy, not miserable like I am now. I'm ready to be teachable. I'm ready to do something different. Let's do this.

You don't need to know if this is the perfect fit for you, as of yet. We'll help you figure that out during the Intake Assessment. All you need to know for now is that feeling in your gut that says, I'm ready!

We look forward to being a part of your transformation. We look forward to helping you experience the courage to live life fully. We believe in your success.